Childrens Dentist Torrance


Helping Kids Leave Their Fear Behind

Kids that are relaxed and comfortable at the dentist are also those who tend to have the best dental experience. At Magicland, we want our young patients to leave their anxiety on the doorstep. We have years of experience helping kids feel calm and assured while they’re having their dental procedure. Our entire office has been designed to allay fears and make kids feel this is a fun place to be. During a procedure, our young patients can watch children’s programs or listen to music.

For children who are a little more anxious, we have several sedation options. These include conscious sedation, for which your child will be sedated, but awake and able to respond. This is usually given as a pill. We also offer nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas because it can cause a person to be giddy. There are several other choices we can discuss as needed.

We’re ready to take the time necessary to fully explain the options and help you make a decision that is just right for your child.

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