The Importance of Preteen Dentistry in Torrance, CA

Give your preteen the best chance for a healthy, beautiful smile with help from the Magicland Dental team. For years, we’ve helped the children of local families practice and build great oral health habits. Now, we’re ready to extend our services to preteens who are preparing for the new dental challenges their teenage years will bring. Reach out today to schedule your appointment and find out more!

Along with preteen dentistry in Torrance, CA, our clinic offers a variety of essential services for full-fledged teenagers. That means your children can grow and learn with our clinic, from toddlers to teenagers. Trust us with your family’s dental needs and rest easy knowing you’ve made a smart choice for your little ones’ smiles and health--a choice that will reap benefits for a lifetime.

A Head Start on a Beautiful Smile

When kids become preteens, they grow keenly aware of their appearances--and their smiles. This is the perfect time to start nurturing a great smile, especially with help from dentists that offer personalized dental care for preteens.

Let our highly trained orthodontists assess your child’s teeth and create a custom plan for optimal health. The earlier we see your child, the greater the chance of correcting small problems before they become larger. At Magicland, your pediatric dentists and orthodontists are in one convenient location, so it’s easy to discuss your child’s needs.

Preteen Dental Care Recommendations

Exams & Cleanings: For pre-teens, we recommend regular exams and cleanings every six months. X-rays let us detect signs of tooth decay as well as help ensure all permanent teeth are coming in properly. Two major ways to fight decay are making sure your child is getting the right amount of fluoride and sealing your child’s back teeth. Sealants are a quick, painless way to keep out food and decay-causing plaque and acid.

Habits: Proper dental hygiene and regular checkups are essential for healthy smiles. Good habits help protect permanent teeth, which can be very vulnerable to tooth decay. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing once should be encouraged, as preteens are ready for more independence around this age. Brushing and flossing also help discourage bacteria from multiplying below the gum line, which can cause gum disease.

Mouth Guards: If your child plays any sports or outdoor activities like skateboarding, soccer, or gymnastics, a mouth guard can provide important protection. Ask us about the best way to protect your child’s teeth from injury.

Contact us today to learn more about our approach to preteen dentistry and make an appointment. We proudly serve residents of Torrance, California, and nearby areas.

why parents love us

“I came here twice I needed a lot of work done this place is amazing and the doctor I can't remember his name was easily the coolest / funniest person that I have ever had as a dentist. Would recommend this place to everyone it’s great.” - Demetrius  Harris

“This office is wonderful! Staff is professional, polite and attentive. The facility is clean, they have many things to entertain kids while waiting for their appointments and they are always able to squeeze you in, if your child needs assistance ASAP! Not to mention as a single mother working full time with little to no time on my hands, their Saturday appointments are a God send! I love this office my and my kids love it too!” –Laura Arke

“Bravo! They deserve a medal for the work they carry out. They demonstrate such patience and empathy for children. They stay on track with their schedule but they never make you or your kids feel rushed or unimportant. They provide the attention each of your kids deserves and the attention you come to them to give them (the kids).” –Keith Warfield

“This place is fantabulous! I walked in and was like wow! It was super kid friendly with its mini movie theater, video game room and small play area and I think I walked by a little area for teenagers. I was totally impressed! And the icing on the cake was just how nice the front desk staff was awesome), the doctors and dental assistants were. My daughter was there for a consult and I felt completely at ease because she was at ease. Environment is everything and the positive vibes from Magicland were ever present. I wish they had an adult dental office like this, lol!” –Taunya T.

“I brought my son and my daughter in this Dental clinic... for Dental check up .... this place os amazing and kids friendly, nice amenities that keep for kids busy while waiting. Dr. Shah explain everything  and she is very friendly. Jesus, Alex and Mary anne  give a grateful assistance for my kids and make them comfortable..its a nice place to bring the kids for Dental check specially for the firts timer like my son...” –Amy T.

“I've been taking my daughter here for 7 years and my daughter and I love it! Andrea is very nice she always greet us as soon as we come in and so does the rest of the staff. The doctors and staff are very nice and welcoming. And they also do a great job since day 1 I recommend this place to family's check them out you.” –Tee B.

“This placed never failed us. Every time we come we always greeted with the wonderful staff. It gets crowded though. But hey... I don't mind the wait. I trust this to place so much and I couldn't think of any place that can give excellent dental treatment, knowledgeable doctors, amazing staff that makes you feel comfortable whenever you have questions they find ways to explain to you thoroughly what needs to be done and has good customer service. Thank you Magicland dental!” –Mary G.

‘Everytime i bring my daughter here the staff is always amazing ,the doctors are always very patient and kind i highly recommend this place” –Elizabeth C.

"Friendly staff. Doctor was smiling and got to know my child that way they lose fear. Explained in detail." – Mia Davila

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