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Gum Disease

Even Kids Can Have Gum Disease

You may be surprised to learn that kids as well as adults can have gum disease, which can happen if a child has poor oral hygiene. Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque, the natural, sticky film of bacteria, which occurs when a child has poor oral hygiene. Children who don’t brush their teeth at least twice a day, or children who don’t clean their teeth well when they brush and floss, can have infected gums. Teenagers are particularly susceptible to gum disease.

If your child’s gums are swollen, tender, deep red, or bleed easily, especially during brushing or flossing, those are signs of chronic gum disease, also called gingivitis. A child with gum disease may have bad breath even after brushing and flossing, or you may notice that your child’s gums are receding away from his or her teeth. If gum disease is not treated, teeth can become loose and fall out.

Luckily, gum disease is easy to prevent with regular brushing and flossing at home and routine teeth cleaning at the dentist. At Magicland, every child’s regular checkup includes a close look at his or her gums to make sure they’re healthy. To fight both tooth decay and gum disease, we like for children to have their teeth cleaned every six months. We also give kids lots of education and encouragement so they’ll have fun keeping care of their teeth at home.

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