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Tooth-colored Fillings Are Virtually Invisible

If your child needs a filling, one that is tooth-colored will blend in so well with other teeth, you’ll forget it is even there. Our tooth-colored fillings are made of a special resin that tightly bonds to the tooth, keeps it strong and also releases fluoride to help prevent cavities. Another advantage of a tooth-colored filling is that the dentist removes less of the tooth than when a “metal” (amalgam) filling is used. A tooth-colored filling doesn’t conduct heat or cold, or darken the way a metal filling can. It is no wonder tooth-colored fillings are the most widely used fillings today.

At Magicland, we’re very good at calming children and keeping their discomfort to a minimum when we fill a tooth. We have fun kids programs for them to watch or they can listen to music through headphones.

Of course, cavities are easiest to fill when discovered early, so if you believe your child has a cavity, request an appointment online today or call us at 310-792-5200.

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