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Smiles for Your Child

At Magicland, we’re all about preventing tooth decay and starting good dental care habits early. While kids usually begin getting their permanent teeth around age six, it’s important that your kids learn proper dental hygiene and get the dental care they need at an early age.

Baby Teeth - It’s important that your child’s baby teeth are cared for properly. They play a vital role in speech development and they help your child chew properly to help ensure good nutrition. They also help to maintain proper space so permanent teeth can come in correctly.

Checkups and Cleanings - Our experienced, kid-friendly professionals use a very gentle touch to carefully clean and polish your child’s teeth and check for cavities or other problems. For children this age, we recommend a checkup and cleaning every six months.

X-Rays - We may need to x-ray your child’s teeth, since that’s the best way to spot decay or other unseen problems and to make sure permanent teeth are coming in properly. At Magicland, we use digital x-rays that require less radiation and makes it easier to spot problems and show them to you. For a growing child, Magicland suggests x-rays once each year.

At the checkup, we’ll talk to you about fluoride, since it’s important that your child get the right amount.
Sealants on back teeth are an excellent, painless way to keep out food, plaque and acid that causes tooth decay. If your child needs a filling, we may suggest one that is tooth-colored so it will blend in and look natural.

To encourage children to be calm and at ease, we’ve designed our entire office to be very reassuring. If your child is more anxious, though, we have several sedation options that can help your child relax.

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